Special Canadian wine festivals for true wine gurus

If the content of alcohol is more than 1.1% in a drink then it is regarded as wine by the government of Canada. The provinces of Canada are responsible for the wine distribution and therefore the other sale and purchase is regarded as illegal. The other three territories of Canada also act in the same manner and therefore same powers are enjoyed by them. However, changes are being made to make sure that the processes are carried out in a manner that would completely revamp the wine industry. As per the new rules which are implemented, Alberta is the only province that has allowed the opening of the private liquor shops.

Niagara Ice-Wine Festival

For the last 20 years, this is one of the best wine festivals of all time. The ice-wine presented here is carefully brewed and therefore it is highly regarded among the enthusiasts. The wine and dine time which the participants enjoy here is matchless. The best part of this festival is that you can also purchase the wine if you are passing by Niagara. All the wines which are presented here are locally made and businesses from all over Canada make sure that the festival is attended. The wine route which is created here is the best part of the festival and a must visit.

Vancouver International Wine Festival

The winemakers are the best part of the festival. This festival is one of the oldest and the largest one in Canada and allows the wine enthusiast to meet the manufacturers directly. The best part of the festival is that the people from all over the world attend it. It also acts as a business hub which means that orders can be booked with ease and new business ventures are formed. In a similar manner, the winemakers from all over the world also join the festival to make it a business conference. It is highly regarded by the locals.

National Wine Awards of Canada

They are also known as “The Nationals” and are regarded as one of the best and the most advanced wine festivals in Canada. There are about 20+ judges who make sure that the wines which are presented in the festival are thoroughly ranked and therefore make sure that the best wine is selected. The wines which are presented at the event are about 1000+ in number and therefore it is highly recommended to all. It takes place mid-June each year in Niagara Ontario.

Festival of Wines Prince Edward Island

There are about 225 wines which are presented at the event and therefore it is highly rated by the people of the Island. For the last 18 years, this event has been rated as one of the best of all time. Not just the wine is presented but top chefs from all over Canada also join hands to prepare the best food for the festival attendees. There are 40 booths which display the wine from 12 different countries all over the world. It is highly advised to the people that love to wine and dine.




Road 13 Vineyards gets the Best B.C Winery Award

Road 13 Vineyards has been awarded the best winemaker award from British Columbia in the reputed Wine Align 2017 National Wine Awards. The company has been featured in the Top 10 B.C winemakers every year for the past 9 years annually in the Wine Align awards but this is the first time they got a special honor.

The New Medals Surely Ain’t Gonna Hurt!

The company also got a matching number of medals as its name – a total of 13 including 6 bronze, 3 silver, 3 gold and 1 platinum. Road 13 Vineyards is run by the couple Mick and Pam Luckhurst along with their son Joe who acts as the managing partner. Joe expressed that everybody wants to get an award when they enter such a prestigious award ceremony and they were thrilled to be the top one from B.C.

Joe credited his parents and their hard working team who deserve the award on the same level as everyone. The firm started operating 14 years back between Oliver and Osoyoos located on the Road 13. His family bought the 23 acres of vines from a family and went ahead to fulfill their dream of running a winery. Joe said that they did not have any experience in the new industry as they were engaged in construction supply and lumber business.

About his progress and journey

Joe joined the company five years back after he came back from Seattle and handles tasks like running the overall operations and the tasting room. His parents also contribute to other aspects of the business. They have a team of 35 committed staff who take part in the wine production and work in the vineyards. Out of the many he wanted to thank, chief viticulturalist Scott Stefishen, winemaker Jeff Del Nin, and Philip Glazebrook got special mention along with his parents.

So, what makes the wines from Road 13 Vineyards better?

Another aspect that Joe brought up was the quality of grapes they use. A wine is as good as the grapes are, and the family had been able to identify the great grapes that grow in the area. According to Joe, this is the most crucial factor for winning the awards at Wine Align.

Road 13 Vineyards has a wide range of wines including 23 varieties which they are planning to bring down. Being named the best winery of B.C proves their consistent quality across all varieties and shows their commitment making the best wine. Not least important are wine tastings offered by different Canadian wineries. Nowadays, you can visit popular wine places and enjoy a wide variety of Canadian wines, in case you prefer another kind of entertainment activities you can have some fun trying out a secure website ValleyGames, where you will find a broad spectrum of online casino suitable to your taste. And don’t forget to pour some wine for yourself while playing!

And how bad is the competition?

Most industries have a fierce competition between them, and it’s no different in the wine world. However, Joe commented that there is a good relationship between most wineries and they also work together at times. Other wineries also received many awards like those from South Okanagan and all of them congratulated Road 13 on their success. Joe said that his staff and company will remain dedicated to produce high-class wines and compete for wine future awards in Canada.

Famous Winemaking Provinces

Canada and wines go hand in hand now. What was thought to be as a dud, has successfully managed to garner the attraction of everyone. Canada is climbing high on the grapevine ladder, making its economy stronger in the process. Canadian wine is now famous for its Midas touch all across the globe.

Over the years, Canada has also managed to produce a few provinces (if not most!) that produce high-quality grape wines both individually and in wineries. Here we will take a look at some of these best and biggest wine making provinces of Canada.

British Columbia

Costly and consistent, that is how the wine of British Columbia is dubbed as. With bottle prices more than any other province, wines of British Columbia deserve every last bit of penny. The wine making industry supports about 12000 jobs on a full-time basis, both directly as well as indirectly. As per the beginning of 2017, there were about 340 licensed grape wineries in British Columbia. The main focus here is on wines grown on vineyards locally. Red wine has seen a drastic increase in production in B.C Combining the winery and the independent vineyards together, the total of vineyards becomes approximately close to 1000.


The goal of producing high quality and consistent wines is often paved with many difficulties.  But seems like the winemakers of Ontario have mastered this art. Such is the large-scale growth of this industry that it provides direct employment to about 18000 people on a full-time basis. Not only this, Ontario is also dubbed as the biggest wine grape producer province of Canada. Presently, more than 500 grape growers are operating here spanning wineries over 19000 acres. With about 200 wineries, Ontario also hosts a number of wine tasting festivals and tours. More than 70 percent of the wine sold in Canada comes from Ontario wineries.


The Quebec wine and grape industry may not be that much as the British Columbia and Ontario ones, but it is making its word known rapidly. Presently, this industry employs about 6000 jobs on a full-time basis, both directly as well as indirectly. Though Quebec primarily produces International Canadian Blended Wine, still its export figures are in the range of 4.25 million cases of nine-litre boxes. The close proximity of Quebec to Montreal also helps in increasing its tourism industry and the grape wine business. Based on a 2015 survey, Quebec is currently the third largest grape producer next only to B.C. and Ontario.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia’s economy is greatly dependent on its wine and grape industry. The soil and climate come together to make a highly suitable climate for high-quality wine grapes. Some critics are already dubbing Nova Scotia as the next great wine province of Canada. The enchanting award-winning wines of Nova Scotia are sparkling and attract all the attention towards them. The only minor problem is that Red Wine is not as bubbly as the White wine. This is primarily because of the climatic conditions that do not suit its harvesting.

Wine-tasting and Grape Festivals In Canada

The Niagara Homegrown Wine Festival of 2017 is finally here. After much anticipation, the festival is expected to kick off from June 17 and will continue for two days. Yay, there will be something to taste! We highly recommend you to find some time and visit such cheerful event. Nevertheless, in case you will not be able to make it, you always can pour some of Canadian wine and snuggle down with your online casino games or relish outdoors. With less than a week remaining to this high voltage fest, let’s have a look at the fest in more detail and while we are at it, some of the other Wine-tasting festivals and tours in Canada. So read on the article for more Ice, Ice, baby!

Niagara Homegrown Wine Festival

Starting this weekend, the Niagara Homegrown Wine is the best time to witness and enjoy the onset of summers. Lush vineyards spread over 1400 acres and award winning wineries by famous winemakers showcase their amazing talents on your hunger palates. The festival showcases many foods and art events also in addition to wine and grape festivals.

Vancouver International Wine Festival

Vancouver region of British Columbia hosts a wine festival which is going on for more than 30 years now. Also called as VanWineFest, this wine-tasting event is dubbed as one of the biggest and oldest wine fests around the globe by wine enthusiasts. Other events such as wine seminars, food gourmets, wine pairings and educational seminars are also held in VanWine Fest.

Niagara Grape And Wine Festival

Not just wine tastings but gourmet dinners, fresh local food items, concerts, and much more are present in Niagara Grape and Wine Festival held from September 8 to 24 each year. Parades such as the Pied Piper Parade bring more fun and life to the Niagara region during this fest.

Cuvee Weekend Wine Experience

The Cuvee Weekend Wine Experience, as the name suggests, lasts for a weekend and usually begins in late Feb or early March. The festival has been around for more than 25 years, celebrated in Niagara Ontario region of Canada. The winemakers showcase their prestigious products for tasting and delicious food items.

Winnipeg Wine Festival

The start of spring witnesses another wine festival in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This Winnipeg Wine Festival is currently in its 12th year. It includes more than 500 wine samples from over 130 wineries. The festival lasts for a week and many winemakers from Canada as well as different parts of the world take part in it. Some of these wines are exclusive only to this festival and the region of Manitoba.

World Wine Awards Of Canada

The World Wine Awards are built on the same guidelines as the National Wine Awards of Canada but with much fervor and on a grand scale. These awards also known as “The Worlds” are held in Toronto, Ontario each year in mid-September. A competition is held to bet about the 1500 world famous wines, both domestic and imported in Canada in three categories. The panel of judges includes top wine critics, a panel of experts and journalists from all parts of Canada.

It is said that while in Canada, you are never too far from a wine region. The snow paradise of the world has done a great job in promoting its Winemaking Industry. Explore as many festivals as you can, and no need to worry about the time of year for your holiday. Because trust me, the wine festival party in Canada stays up all year long.

Canadian Wine And Grape Industry – Ripe And Robust Facts

The wine making industry in Canada is on a roll. The number of people consuming wine, both 100% Canadian wine and the ICB, is growing much faster than the ones consuming beer or spirits. Plus, each year a number of wine tasting fests and tours are kept to increase the enthusiasm of people and celebrate the Wineries and Distilleries of Canada. As such, we bring out to you some of the amazing stats and facts related to Canadian wine and grape industry.

Canadian wine industry generates high revenue of about $6.8 billion each year to economy making it a significant force in this aspect. Additionally, the Snow Paradise has both national and provincial regulatory standards for those interested in the production of wine.

Each year over 247 million bottles served in 1.2 billion glasses of Canadian wine are devoured by the citizens. ICB wines (International Canadian Blended) also hold a proportion of 985 million glasses in this amount, though locals prefer the 100% authentic Canadian wine. About one-third of all the types of wines produced in Canada are purchased by the natives of Canada.

The impact of Canadian wine and grape industry to the economy is fuelled by many areas, but tourism industry is the most significant one. According to 2015 records, it generated more than $600 million for the Canadian economy in direct revenue. Tourism industry sees about 3.5 million people from all over the globe visiting Canadian wineries. However, on the contrary no impact of tourism is attributed to the revenue of ICB wines.

It is a no brainer that Canada is a very forward and open-minded country. Many educational institutes in Canada provide some sort of informative or consulting training on vineyard-related or distilleries industry. According to a 2013 report, more than 800 full-time jobs have been created in Nova Scotia due to this wine making business.

Ontario, the party province of Canada, alone has more than 200 wineries that employ about 2500 employees. These wineries sell an estimated 8 million cases of wine as nine-litre standard boxes. On a total, more than 30000 people are provided jobs through this industry.

Out of all the wineries in Canada, 500 are grape-based wineries that are encompassed on vineyards over 27500 acres. Each bottle full of wine contributes $31 to the domestic economy of Canada. This is in contrast to about $0.65 for an ICB or imported foreign wine.

Canada has six provinces that are expert in grape vineyards, out of which British Columbia has the most number of wineries (212). Following it are Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and New Brunswick. There are some other regions also that are known for making fruit-based wines: Manitoba, Alberta, etc. are some of them.

It goes without saying that the Canadian wine industry is one of the oldest and fastest growing industries that has an impact on the economy, tourism as well as the overall image of Canada across the globe. So next time you have a bottle of fine Canadian wine, share these facts with your pals about its back story to double the fun.