Special Canadian wine festivals for true wine gurus

If the content of alcohol is more than 1.1% in a drink then it is regarded as wine by the government of Canada. The provinces of Canada are responsible for the wine distribution and therefore the other sale and purchase is regarded as illegal. The other three territories of Canada also act in the same manner and therefore same powers are enjoyed by them. However, changes are being made to make sure that the processes are carried out in a manner that would completely revamp the wine industry. As per the new rules which are implemented, Alberta is the only province that has allowed the opening of the private liquor shops. Read more

Wine-tasting and Grape Festivals In Canada

The Niagara Homegrown Wine Festival of 2017 is finally here. After much anticipation, the festival is expected to kick off from June 17 and will continue for two days. Yay, there will be something to taste! We highly recommend you to find some time and visit such cheerful event. Nevertheless, in case you will not be able to make it, you always can pour some of Canadian wine and snuggle down with your online casino games or relish outdoors. With less than a week remaining to this high voltage fest, let’s have a look at the fest in more detail and while we are at it, some of the other Wine-tasting festivals and tours in Canada. So read on the article for more Ice, Ice, baby! Read more